Who, What, When, Where, Why

Who - How This Happened

A Teacher and her Husband had a discussion about buying a screen print press.  Starting a small t-shirt company to keep busy over the summers.  Then at 10:30pm on a Thursday,  Mark woke Katie up to let her know that they had just bought a small t-shirt factory. The idea keeps growing from there......

  • What

    This website was started as a way to sell t-shirts we are making. We have realized it can be more than just our designs. We have set up tabs for the company's we work with so they can have the opportunity to provide their customers with options more than just the standard bulk order shirts. providing a direct link to add on the company website allows for a company apparel store.

  • When

    Now, you're looking at the website. It will continue to get better and continue to grow with additional designs and options.

  • Where

    Good old Wisconsin. A Custom Clothing and Marketing Products Company Based in the Land of Cheese, Beer, and Midwest Nice.

  • Why

    Money, success, and to start our own business, are all easy answers. To us the money part is simply paying our bills with enough left over to enjoy life. Our successes are tied to our customers that we partner with everyday. To us success is measured not just by our own growth. But when we look around, how many employees, people, businesses, and organizations have grown with us.

  • Walter

    He is Walter. Not really sure what he does around here. But he has a face so squeezable he got his own company.

  • Ted

    Trusty, Loyal, Throw the Ball, Loves to swim, Throw the ball, loving, THROW THE BALL, Great all around THROW THE BALL NOW!! PLEASE, Dog. Loves the Great THROW THE BALL, THROW THE BALL, outdoors. The classic Mans THROW THE BALL best friend for any THROW THE BALL hiking, camping, THROW THE BALL, fishing, or hunting THROW THE BALL adventure you can THROW THE BALL think of.

  • Grumpy Walter

    Same squishy face same squishy time. But Grumpy Walter has the lovability of a 90 year old man yelling get off my lawn. He's irritable, and stuck in his old ways.

  • Molly

    Just you're average old lady that loves crafting, holidays, and long naps.

    She ain't got time for your sass!

  • The Dingo

    If you're not first, you're last.

    If you're not first in the race against the Dingo, the Dingo will eat your baby.

    We asked her to stop eating the babies. But, she stated 2nd place is first loser. It's hard to argue with logic that solid.